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Decade in the making

Our roots go back to 2009. I was a stay-at-home mom looking for a flexible part-time job. A friend of mine with a real estate marketing company offered me a position as a virtual assistant. I am forever grateful for the opportunity, because little did I know, online marketing would become my passion.

While the company I started out with focused on building websites for agents, I saw a need to help agents with other parts of their online presence. I launched my first business, TriangleREVA (real estate virtual assistant) in 2015.

I helped agents go from zero online presence to crazy busy with clients. I love watching things grow in my garden, and found that I love being part of helping businesses grow too.

The best-practices that I learned and honed in online real estate marketing can also be applied to other service based businesses, and I found that many businesses also had a need for digital products and marketing guidance. 

My virtual assistant business grew into a marketing management and consultation business. In 2020, TriangleREVA became Wild Growth Digital to better reflect our evolution. We still help real estate agents with online marketing management, but we also help other small businesses grow their online presence.

We would love to watch your business grow too!


Our mission is simple. We want to help you grow your business online.

What Sets us apart

Our relationship with our clients is collaborative. We value dedication and quality, and we want to help other businesses with similar values. We’re not an unscrupulous marketing agency out to make a quick buck. Many such agencies are popping up as a lot of people have started working from home. There are even fly by night businesses that have been set up just to help unqualified people start marketing businesses from their home. We’ve been in online marketing for 10+ years. We’re here to build real, lasting success FOR OUR CLIENTS.

High Quality

We have high standards. Our goal is to provide quality service to all of our clients. We strive to create high-quality content and to deliver it to your sphere in a way that will help your business grow. Your growth helps us grow.

Attention To Detail

Part of our dedication to quality is our attention to detail. After all, to create quality content, one MUST correct flaws and always strive to do better. Your online reputation as a professional reflects our reputation.

Above & Beyond

You go above and beyond for your clients, and you should have a marketing team that does the same for your business. We believe in going the extra mile to help you succeed. Your success is our success.

Our team

Meet our team of online marketing pros. Whether you need help with social media, SEO, or content, we can help with your online marketing needs.

Sarah Davila

Sarah Davila

Owner, Marketing Manager

Aden Davila

Aden Davila

Content King

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