What Is Branding?

Usually when people think of a brand or branding, they think of a logo or a tagline. Branding is much more than that, though. 

Branding is the “voice” of your business and should be considered at every point of customer interaction with your business.

That means from email to social media to your website, your tone should be consistent. 

Exceptional branding helps you differentiate from the competition and build a loyal client base. This is part of the “Know, like, & trust” of inbound marketing. Unique branding gives you an advantage over your competition, helping you get and keep clients at a lower cost.

What Falls Under Branding

As mentioned before, most people think of a logo when they think about a brand. Other elements such as your mission statement, colors, design, fonts, and theme are part of your brand. Your brand is your business identity. It is an expectation of an experience for clients. When you buy a pair of Nikes or grab a Coke, you have an expectation of an experience you will have with that product based on the company’s branding.

Why Is Branding SO Important?

Consistent branding builds trust and helps your business break through the noise. Think about the brands that you interact with on a daily basis. You look for their products or content because you know, like, and trust them. Even if you’re buying “off brand” products at the store, it’s still branding that you’re looking for.

Consistent branding for your own business helps your ideal client find and connect with you. It also helps you past clients stay connected to your brand, so that when they or someone they know need your services, your business is the one they turn to or refer.

In a Zendesk survey, 87% of consumers said consistent branding across all online and traditional platforms was important.

We Keep Your Branding Consistent

At Wild Growth Digital Marketing, we keep branding in mind in everything we do for our clients. From custom social media designs to branded downloadables, we stay on brand in everything we do for you.

A branding guide is a fundamental resource that helps you and your team stay consistent. We can create a branding guide for your business and help you build a branding strategy. We can also help you manage branded assets such as logo files. This ensures everyone has easy access to the correct files for the correct usage.


I’m ready when you are! Your spot-on branding is right around the corner.