Real Estate Listing Video

806 Beechtree

  • Date: August 2023
  • Goal: Generate buyers for a new listing to get it sold
  • Secondary Goal: Showcase the listing agent as a professional with a solid listing marketing strategy to gain more listings.


Showcase The Property; Showcase The Agent

When promoting a listing, our main goal is always to sell the listing fast for top dollar. However, we also want to showcase the agent as an experienced listing agent with a proven strategy.

To achieve these goals, we present the listing photos in an eye catching video while highlighting the most sought after features.

We also ensure that the agent’s branding guide is followed and the agent is prominently displayed.


Need a New Listing Video?

Whether you’re looking for a real estate listing video for your YouTube channel, social media, or both, we can help! Call or text 919-404-7470 and ask us about real estate listing videos.